2020 Chess World Cup Candidates Tournament

2020 Chess World Cup Candidates Tournament

Despite the Corona crisis, the candidate tournament for the World Cup against Magnus Carlsen takes place. Eight challengers meet in Yekaterinburg. Here are the candidates, chess bets and top odds.

Since Magnus Carlsen became chess world champion for the first time in 2013, he has defended the title three times. Once against the previous world champion Vishvanathan Anand, to whom he initially took the title, once against the Russian grandmaster Sergej Karjakin, and finally against the malta-born American Fabiano Caruana.

Now eight challengers are playing in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg for the privilege of challenging the champions from Norway to a duel for the World Cup. The winner will compete against Magnus Carlsen later in the year – the location and time have not yet been determined.

The tournament is played as a double round, so everyone meets each other twice. In the end, the player with the most points wins. If several players are tied, the direct comparison decides, then the number of winning games and finally the fine rating according to Sonneborn-Kemper. If none of these ratings result in a winner, there will be a stick fight.

The bookmakers are currently ahead of Magnus Carlsen against the entire field with 1.33 against 3.25 (as of March 16), but of course this can change at any time, depending on how the individual candidates appear in their qualification tournament.

The candidates

The participants of the candidate tournament have qualified for this final round through various chess qualification tournaments. Exceptions are the Vice World Champion Fabiano Caruana, who is automatically qualified, Anish Giri from the Netherlands, who had the highest ELO number on average in 2019, and the wildcard holder Kirill Alexejenko, who is the lowest among the participants in the world rankings ( 39.).

From March 17th, one round will be played daily until April 3rd.

Magnus Carlsen won this candidate tournament in 2013, then also secured the World Cup and has not given the title since.

The major betting providers have already set the best betting odds for the 2020 chess candidate tournament. Other bookmakers will follow suit. We offer you an overview that is updated daily.

Before the start of the tournament, favorites for the tournament victory are Vice World Champion Fabiano Caruana and Cihnese Liren Ding, although he only came as a successor in the field.

Chess candidate tournament 2020 – key data and top betting odds

Fabiano Caruana♛ USA Fabiano Caruana
♛ Age 27
♛ Elo rating 2842
♛ World ranking 2
♛ Odds 2.62
♛ Odds 2.5



♛ France – Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
♛ Age 29
♛ Elo rating 2767
♛ World ranking 8
♛ Odds 6.5
♛ Odds 5



Ding Liren♛ China Ding Liren
♛ Age 27
♛ Elo rating 2805
♛ World ranking 3
♛ Odds 4.5
♛ Odds 5.5



Wang Hao♛ China Wang Hao
♛ Age 30
♛ Elo rating 2758
♛ World ranking 12
♛ Odds: 8.5
♛ Odds: 8



Alexander Grischuk♛ Russia Alexander Grischuk
♛ Age 36
♛ Elo rating 2777
♛ World ranking 4
♛ Odds 12
♛ Odds 12



Ian Nepomniachtchi♛ Russia Ian Nepomniachtchi
♛ Age 29
♛ Elo rating 2774
♛ World ranking 5
♛ Odds 5
♛ Odds 5



Anish Giri♛ Netherlands Anish Giri
♛ Age 25
♛ Elo rating 2763
♛ World ranking 11
♛ Odds 29
♛ Odds 21



Kirill Alekseenko♛ Russia Kirill Alekseenko
♛ Age 22
♛ Elo rating: 2704
♛ World ranking: 39
♛ Odds: 251
♛ Odds: 101

Chess candidate tournament 2020 – results

1st round, March 17th

Vachier-Lagrave – Caruana 0.5: 0.5
Ding Liren – Wang Hao 0-1
Giri – Nepomniachtchi 0: 1
Grischuk – Alekseenko 0.5: 0.5