Betting in times of Corona – alternatives to sports betting

Betting in times of Corona – alternatives to sports betting

If one sporting event after the other is canceled and the favorite team no longer plays, you have to look for other options. Here are the best alternatives to sports betting from television, culture, society and politics – and from the digital realm of virtual sports.

The corona pandemic paralyzes the sports world

No day passes without us hearing about cancellations of sporting events, but of course also of other major events such as concerts, trade fairs and conferences. Whether these measures are justified or not is irrelevant for us sports betting fans. It is like it is. But that doesn’t mean that we have to give up our betting fun.

Sports betting providers also have a lot of bets from other areas of life in the program. And since more people will be spending more time at home, and therefore in front of the computer, in the near future, online betting, online casinos and online poker will see increased numbers of people.

Here are the best alternatives to sports betting in times of the Corona virus.

Eurovision Song Contest betting – Postponed!

Sure, the ESC is a big event too, and could be canceled, but there are still two months to go, so we are optimistic and expect the 65th edition of the world’s most popular singing competition to take place on May 16.

The venue will be the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam – which, by the way, is also firmly anchored in the Darts Premier League calendar – because the Netherlands won the competition last year for the fifth time and thus “Heimrecht” for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

There is no single favorite among bookmakers. Rather, the industry expects a group of countries to win among themselves. So if you want to bet on the Eurovision Song Contest, take a look at the overview below.

Bulgaria, Iceland, Lithuania and Switzerland are the countries with the best chances of winning in a provider comparison. The odds for the top bookmakers are between 4.5 and 8 (see table).

Directly behind is a chasing group consisting of Russia, Romania, Italy, Malta and Azerbaijan with top betting odds of 9-17. With these candidates one can speak of secret favorites.

Pleasing from a German perspective: Germany follows this group, together with Sweden and Norway. That means that Germany has a good chance of not being among the last. After all. By the way, Austria still has to qualify.

Here you will find the updated overview of betting odds for the favorites (and Germany).

Betting Tips: Bulgaria
Odds: 4.5
Betting Tips: Lithuania
Odds: 5.5
Betting Tips: Iceland
Odds: 5.5
Betting Tips: Switzerland
Odds: 7.0
Betting Tips: Germany
Odds: 17.00

Who will be the next James Bond?

The favorite to inherit Daniel Craig as James Bond is James Norton (odds: 3.5). The film, television and theater actor was last seen in “Little Women”. He has received multiple awards – including with the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Actor and lent his voice to video games like Dragon Age: Inquisition.

British actors Jack Lowden (4.5), Tom Hiddleston (9), Sam Heughan (9) and Richard Madden (9) follow in descending order of odds. But behind it it gets really interesting, because both the German-Irish Michael Fassbender – known from the X-Men and Alien series – as well as the current “Sexiest Man alive” Idris Elba and the Irishman Cilian “28 days later” Murphy become opportunities granted. The odds are currently 11 for Fassbender, 13 for Elba and 17 for Murphy.

Who will be the next US president? Betting on the US election

Are you tired of seeing these grotesque appearances by the American President again and again? Well, nothing will change until November. On the contrary, the mud battle, known as the election campaign in the United States, will dominate the news more and more in the coming months.

The primaries left two candidates – Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders – out of the ranks of democratic candidates, but although Bernie Sanders is probably the more popular and long-standing candidate, he no longer plays a role with bookmakers in March.

The betting providers have already committed themselves to a duel between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and are currently almost on par with the two candidates, with slight advantages for the incumbent. In contrast, Sanders is sometimes even run behind Vice President Mike Pence, although he does not compete. Incidentally, just as little as Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, who, strangely enough, are also run, if only under the distance. If you would like to bet on the US elections or the next US President, then you should choose from the table below, because not all bookmakers offer these bets.

Betting Tips: Donald Trump
Odds: 1.8
Betting Tips: Joe Biden
Odds: 2.1
Betting Tips: Mike Pence
Odds: 29
Betting Tips: Bernie Sanders
Odds: 41

Which country will leave the EU next?

You probably think: none at all. If you have followed how the British have been shooting themselves in the foot for about four years now and at the same time stick a fork in the eye, you can hardly imagine that another EU member wants to take this step.

After all, approval of the EU has increased everywhere during this period. Nevertheless, it cannot be generally ruled out that other nations may also decide to turn their backs on the EU. If you look at the betting market, the bookmakers see the chances or risks for it greatest in Italy, followed by Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic and France.

Betting on virtual sports

Often neglected by us, virtual sports are a popular filler for sports betting fans, as is a quick round of blackjack, roulette or spin & go poker for others.

Virtual sports are digital sports events that look like the real ones but never fail. Classic offers for virtual sports are football to the virtual Champions League and World Cup, basketball, car, horse and dog racing, darts, cricket and cycling.