Football does not stop in Nicaragua - Mix of risk

Football does not stop in Nicaragua – Mix of risk

The new coronavirus has left the sporting world unanswered. The most sensible solutions by the authorities were to cancel the competitions to protect sportsmen, fans and all those who orbit this branch of society. However, there are two countries that have not followed these measures: Belarus and Nicaragua. In these two nations, football remains active and it is footballers who are really in some way in danger.

Football does not stop in Nicaragua - Mix of risk


We contacted a Colombian player who joined the Central American country three years ago after a long career in Colombian and Uruguayan football. Currently, he is at Real Estelí, the most important team in this country, where he has managed to become champion on several occasions.

Football and time have taken him to obtain Nicaraguan nationality, and now he wears the colors of that country. In a game between teams against Argentina, he faced Lionel Messi. Their situation, as well as that of millions of people, has changed somewhat with the spread of the coronavirus around the world.

“Here the picture was a little normal. But based on what we see worldwide, many people have started to take action. Now there are fewer people on the street, ”said Jorge Betancur, in a dialogue with this body.

According to the Colombian version, people bet on self-care on their own initiative and not because the government of Daniel Ortega orders it. We must emphasize that this nation was the only nation on the continent that did not close its maritime and land borders, schools and universities, nor has it declared quarantine.

So far, Nicaragua reports five confirmed cases and one deceased. So far, the only contagions have been from people who came from abroad. “From what we saw from the outside, we hope that it doesn’t get worse here,” added the footballer from the municipality of Supia, Caldas.


Although the coronavirus already lives among the population, the Nicaraguan football league is the only one on the continent that remains active.
In mid-March, CONCACAF sent a statement warning that it would cancel all Confederate leagues, but in Nicaragua an agreement was reached to carry out matches behind closed doors.

“We don’t have a union here that defends footballers as it exists in Colombia or in other countries. Many players are afraid to take an initiative, because possibly if you don’t play they won’t pay you ”, he declared.

Jorge commented that many people are humble and do not have the possibility to go without playing two months or the time that is required in case of canceling the league. “If they don’t play, they don’t eat,” he said.

For this reason an agreement was not reached, since the opinion is very divided. “Few want to stop, but most will not take this option because they feed their family. Nor do they have the necessary savings to be inactive, ”said the Colombian.

This position of the players is given by the economic tickets that this league gives them. According to the 28-year-old, foreigners are the best earners, with salaries of at least four thousand dollars. Unlike a national player who charges a minimum, “in Colombian pesos, about 800 thousand pesos, for example,” he said.

For now, Nicaraguan football will remain active one or two more days, until the beginning of Holy Week. “Already a little more afraid because the cases have increased worldwide. We are afraid to infect the family and children. Now I live alone, but if I had children it would be very complex, ”he said. Jorge Betancur looks forward to his rest days. You know that isolation is the best solution in times of crisis.