Inter Milan vs Chievo Verona Betting Tips 13/05/2019

Today’s Betting Tips Inter Milan vs Chievo Verona

Inter Milan, 3rd, has a great opportunity by receiving the red lantern, Chievo Verona, to reinforce its 3rd place overall and a possible qualification for the next Champions League. Undefeated since last March 31, the Nerazzurri are 4 lengths ahead of AC Milan, 5th, and are set to be in C1 next season. Meanwhile, the Interiors are not advancing at this time since they have registered 3 draws over the last 3 days against AS Roma (1-1) and Juventus Turin (1-1) at home and then on the lawn of the Udinese (0-0). The arrival of Chievo should allow the Lombard club to restart the machine. The Chievo Verona, condemned to evolve in Serie B during the next exercise, will play these last three days freewheeling. With 5 defeats in the last 7 days, the red lantern confirms a 2018-2019 season at all points mediocre with only 15 points on the clock. The Chievo remains on a bitter home defeat against SPAL (0-4) and is expected to experience a new ordeal on the turf.

Key points of the prediction Inter Milan vs Chievo Verona

Chievo Verone, red lantern, will join Serie B next season.

Imperative victory for Inter Milan to earn a qualification in the Champions League next season.

Chievo have posted only 1 success in their last 16 games.

Inter Milan is undefeated for 6 days.

Inter have 3 wins and 1 draw in their last 4 games against Chievo.

We must go back to 2001 to see the last and only victory of Chievo in Lombardy.

Our Betting Tips Explained Inter Milan vs Chievo Verona

Inter Milan should not have a hard time gaining the upper hand over a team from Chievo Verona to complete picking.

Betting Tips: Inter Milan wins
Odds: 1.14