Manchester United vs Arsenal Soccer Betting Tips

Manchester United vs Arsenal Today’s Betting Tips

Manchester United’s season has been a misery so far but despite their problems the home team are competent and have made good performances, the problem is even away games and with amount of injuries the team is dealing with away from home this is most noticeable.

At home and with the atmosphere of Old Trafford the team even play well but it was clear that United’s problem was not Mourinho because things got even worse in my view,

Soljskaer is not a coach for a United and in the summer market United have lost important parts in the market and this United is a far cry from the United we knew of the 1990s.

Arsenal reinforced their attack this summer but they forgot about the defense, I don’t understand how they are equipped with the money they have never reinforces the defense and yes I don’t consider David Luiz a reinforcement, it is just one more burying there in that defense and this year the defensive problems remain the same as always, many basic defensive errors and only the attack is not enough in the Premier League.

Especially when playing away from home, Arsenal at home is competent and always very dangerous but away from home is a team that does not frighten anyone, nor this United in my view.

Manchester United vs Arsenal Our Best Betting Tips

I see big problems with Arsenal in their away games, a lot of defensive errors and United have good players to take advantage of these mistakes, it is true that United are dealing with a lot of injuries but I still see the team having a good result here, I honestly don’t see United losing here to Arsenal.

Betting Tips: United or draw
Odds: 1.37