Olympic Games finally postponed for a year

Olympic Games finally postponed for a year

Athletes and policymakers in many countries have long been warning of the need to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and now the International Olympic Committee has finally decided. Only in 2021 will the Olympic Games take place.

Olympic Games finally postponed for a yearA late decision

It is true that the sporting event was only scheduled for the summer, more specifically for the 24th of July and would continue for a good part of the month of August, however, and as had happened with EURO 2020 or the Copa America, it seemed relatively unanimous that, at this time, there were no conditions for the event.

For a few weeks, the IOC and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were showing some resistance, but the swelling of the global pandemic crisis did not leave much room for maneuver at this stage. In order to have a more concrete idea of ​​the small madness that would be keeping the sporting event of the year, at the moment 20% of the world population is confined to isolation, with a good part of that population belonging to developed countries where an overwhelming part of the countries should come from. athletes attending the Olympic Games.

In this way, it is perfectly obvious that most players would arrive in Tokyo without the proper preparation for the respective modalities or disciplines and this should clearly level the quality of the tournament.

Security would always be at risk

We do not know if in mid-July the pandemic outbreak will already be controlled, but what would certainly not contribute to limit the eventual spread of the coronavirus would be a gathering the size of an Olympic Games, which could even call into question months’ worldwide work.

With people coming from all corners of the planet, it is perfectly visible that it would be a real risk to carry out the event in the current circumstances, not only for the sake of safety for athletes, but also for the entire world population.

Japan is far from being a country severely afflicted by this global pandemic, however, it is not immune to the virus and opening its doors to the world for one month in an uninterrupted manner could be a childish and high-risk decision.

Postponement will give athletes time

With most of the athletes who should be present in Tokyo 2020 confined to social isolation and without the best conditions to carry out the ideal preparation for the Olympic Games, it would be difficult for many to present themselves to the fullest of their abilities and others could even fail the minimums in their respective disciplines, since not all had their qualifications guaranteed.

In this way, and trusting that everything will be resolved in a few months, athletes will again have time to restart their preparation for the Olympics and thus be able to present themselves in maximum strength to fight for medals for their countries without any limitations. physical, competitive or security.

Olympic Games finally postponed for a year

Olympic flame will remain for one year

In dark times when the world population is struggling with a virus that has been shown to be relatively lethal and very easily spreadable, the organizers of the Olympic Games – Japan and the International Olympic Committee – have chosen to keep the Olympic flame burning throughout the period that will mediate the postponement of the test until its completion, at most for one year from now.

The organizers point to the symbolism of the Olympic flame, pointing it as a beacon of hope for the world in troubled times, functioning as a light at the end of the tunnel while the world struggles with the present problem.

This is a beautiful attitude from the organizers who, at a given moment, received several criticisms from the most diverse nations due to their reluctance to postpone the event.

It seems that in this case, and as it has been a habit all over the world in these days of adversity, common sense and the preservation of people’s safety prevailed, after all, if all goes well, and so we hope, there will be more time than enough to carry out all kinds of sporting events on a planetary scale that so often hold us to the screen or lead us to travel far distances to contact the environment of these major events.

With the postponements of the European Championship and Copa America de Futebol, and now also of the Olympic Games, the excitement of this summer is carried over to 2021, but this may not mean that this will be a peaceful summer, as it is urgent to close the club competitions a little by across Europe, and that will be a priority for institutions as soon as the pandemic outbreak gives the actors some respite.