Paris FC vs FC Chambly Betting Predictions 02/09/2019

Today’s Betting Prediction Paris FC vs FC Chambly

Paris FC are in great difficulty since the resumption of this new season. Yet barragiste last year, the club Ile de France has still not won the slightest victory in this new exercise. After five days, the teammates of Vincent De Marconnay are stuck in the penultimate rank of the ranking. Indeed, Paris FC has been able to take only one small point since the recovery. The next game against Chambly promises to be complicated for the Paris club. Especially since the promoted is doing well in this beginning of the season. If Medhy Guezoui’s teammates were able to sign two straight wins at the start of the championship, they are now on a series of three draws in a row. Chambly still has not lost before moving on the Parisian lawn.

The key points of the Paris FC vs FC Chambly-Thelle prediction

Paris FC are in second last place.

Chambly has already settled well in the first part of the painting.

Paris FC have taken only one point since the restart.

Chambly still has not lost during his first five days.

Paris FC remain on three defeats in succession in Ligue 2.

Our Best Betting Prediction Paris FC vs FC Chambly-Thelle

Paris FC could still have a lot of trouble during the next day. Having still not won any match in Ligue 2, the Parisian club faces Chambly who has not yet suffered a single loss since the restart.

Betting Prediction: Draw or FC Chambly-Thelle wins the match
Odds: 1.36