Real Madrid vs CSKA Champions League 12/12/2018

Real Madrid vs CSKA Champions League

The Real Madrid team did not start the season very well things with Lopetegui did not reach good Porto and coach Basco even dismissed the technical command. The team did not score goals and did not have many chances to score.

Things have improved with Solari although this Real Madrid still is not demolishing, nor more or less. In this Champions already assured passage to the next phase as well as 1st place in this group.

That is why they should play some players who do not always own in this team instead of others who must rest.

Real Madrid come from a 1-0 home win in Huesca for the league with Gareth Bale returning to goals.

CSKA Moscow, the Moscow team leaves for this game already without mathematical possibilities of obtaining qualification for the eighth, but maintains the illusion of arriving at the 3ยบ place that assures them Liga Europa.

They have 4 points in 5 games. Stand out if the excellent home win over this Real Madrid 1-0.
However, in the last game they put their feet in their hands and lost at home to Plzen which may have been the key moment in this fight for 3rd place in the group.

In the championship they are well and begin to gain ground to the rival Zenit being now only 4 points of the leadership.

Football Prediction Explained Real Madrid vs CSKA

The Real Madrid team even playing some players who have not been starters, have quality to spare to impose at home against this rival. Real Madrid are three times in the title and in this Champions League and to play at home, they will never make it easier.

I believe in a good first half of the merengue team being already in advantage in break time. Muscovites away from home are always a very vulnerable and accessible team to face.

I predict many problems for CSKA Moscow in this trip to Madrid and I fully believe in the triumph of the Spaniards in break time.

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Prediction Today: Real Madrid HT
Odds: 1.44