Suspended world sport - with football at the head

Suspended world sport – with football at the head

Naturally, and in view of the most recent developments involving the Covid-19 outbreak, many European football leagues and other modalities have been suspended, as well as in other continents, namely in North and South America.

Premier League without alternatives in the face of recent cases

The English Federation was one of the entities that was most reluctant to suspend its competitions, however, Thursday’s developments precipitated an obvious suspension from the Premier League and other professional leagues.

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta was diagnosed with coronavirus so all of his players and staff had to go immediately to isolation.

In addition, the Gunners’ formation had played just six days before West Ham United in a match that still took place with the public, so this sounded even more bells from the health authorities.

And as if this news weren’t enough, Chelsea player Callum Hudson-Odoi also contracted Covid-19 so the Blues also had to go to immediate quarantine.

Leicester coach Brendan Rodgers had also warned that some of his players were showing symptoms related to this new virus, forcing the club to take the necessary measures, and preventing his team from continuing to train or compete normally.

In the face of this chaotic scenario, the English football federation today took the expected decision to suspend all national and regional competitions until next April 3, when it will carry out a new reassessment.

Bundesliga should stop after the weekend

For now, all the major European leagues are stopping as well as UEFA’s own competitions, however, the German League resists this devastating scenario and still maintains its schedule for this weekend, and should only suspend the entire competition. on the 17th, Tuesday.

Until then, and unless otherwise stated, the meetings will be held behind closed doors as a preventive measure.

Still, and interestingly, it was in Germany that the first case of a player with coronavirus emerged.

Timo Hubers, from Hannover 96, had no symptoms, but he realized that he had contacted infected people at an event, immediately isolating himself from his team, in a measure that would prove to be very correct in order to contain the contagion.

In any case, this weekend’s Hannover game counting for 2. Bundesliga will not be played, being the only suspended event of the two main leagues in the country so far.

Tennis, Basketball, F1 … all stopped

In view of the constant preventive measures that have been adopted, it is normal for all activities that involve population agglomeration to be postponed, canceled or suspended indefinitely.

In tennis, ATP quickly suspended all activity for six weeks in order to avoid contagion, not least because the constant movement of athletes and technical teams around the world could lead to serious propagation problems.

In the NBA and other basketball leagues in the world, the suspension has also been put into effect after the alarm sounded with the contamination of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.

Fortunately, it seems that the Jazz team only had these two infected.

Also noteworthy is F1 that did not resist the escalation of events that preceded the Australian Grand Prix, having canceled the event, adding that the next two in Bahrain and Vietnam will hardly be held.

After the teams Mclaren and Mercedes refused to compete this weekend and criticism from defending world champion Lewis Hamilton it seemed clear that the conditions for the season’s inaugural event were not in place.

At the moment, the FIA ​​even admits that the season could only start in June in Azerbaijan, thus skipping several Asian and European stages over the next three months, although everything is obviously dependent on the evolution of the virus.

South America could not resist pressure

After the emotions of Gre-Nal the night before in a match that culminated in a goalless draw, but which was tainted by a series of expulsions from both sides, typical of a great rivalry, we can say that this competitive stop will slow down moods in South American football.