Table Tennis : Season officially ended

Table Tennis : Season officially ended

TABLE TENNIS table from March 13th as the basis for ascent and descent Altmark – Due to the current situation, the training and point game operation in table tennis rests just like in all other sports. The German Table Tennis Association (DTTB) has now taken the next step.

Awesome decision

“Even if the date suggests: This report is not an April Fool’s joke!” – with these words the DTTB initiated its message. The date of the decision to declare the 2019/20 season to have ended could hardly have been less favorable on April 1, 2020. The table from March 13 is used as the basis for the end of the season and thus also possible ascents and descents. This was the last day when there were still occasional point games. The 18 state associations joined the DTTB to make a nationwide decision – a decision that in many places was not only met with positive reactions. A major point of criticism: Since the teams sometimes played a different number of games on the cut-off date, a meaningful comparison is difficult.

State league

But what does this decision mean specifically for the teams from the region? With regard to the top division with participation from the old market, the situation in the Landesliga is as follows: The team of TSV Tangermünde withdrew their participation in the league on January 6 due to personnel problems, so the team was already the first relegated team. District league promoted SV Mahlwinkel follows on the penultimate rank and has so far only got one point in the premier season. The descent would have been inevitable. Only the first team of the TuS Schwarz-Weiß Bismark is in seventh place with eleven points, the gap to the first relegation place is only four points. However, since the games were won against the direct competition, the sixth around captain Theo Ladewig had the relegation in his own hand. The situation is similar at Chemie Mieste, which is in eighth place with nine points on the reporting date. But even here the duel with the toughest pursuer SV Eintracht Diesdorf II has already been won.

In the women’s area, the situation for the regional league representation of TSV Kusey is unproblematic. Tied with leader Alemania Riestedt II, she is in second place. However, the Janot four has already played two games more and would no longer have a championship in their own hands, even if the direct comparison against Riestedt was won.

District League

In the men’s district league, teams can be divided into two. While the TTC locomotive Altmark Stendal and the Bismarker Reserve were in fourth and sixth place on the cut-off date and therefore had nothing to do with ascent or descent, the Miester Reserve and VfL Kalbe / Milde are in the last two ranks. The chemists were still victorious in the second half of the season. Last year promoted Kalbe waited for the first victory at all until the end of the season, so chances of remaining in the class were only theoretical for the Mildestädter. In the district class Börde (teams of 6), TSV Kusey has five points ahead of the relegation zone and two more games to complete.