UFC 249 will take place without fans on the stands

UFC 249 will take place without fans on the stands

One of the most anticipated events of the year in terms of combat sports is scheduled for the 18th of April with relentless Khabib defending the lightweight title against former champion Tony Ferguson.
Dana White guarantees location, but only those who want to fight

The UFC’s top manager, Dana White, has already ensured that UFC 249 matches will not take place at the Barclays Center in New York as originally planned, and although he has not yet revealed where he will transfer to, it is already guaranteed that it will have no viewers.

Despite the alarmism about the recent world pandemic in Covid-19, the truth is that Dana White remains optimistic and seems convinced that the event will really take place, and it should be noted that he has already warned that he will only fight anyone he wants, because nobody you may be forced to fight in the present circumstances.

The controversy surrounding the event has grown as the global crisis escalates and many claim that it is necessary to avoid these types of events for security reasons, however Dana White does not seem willing to postpone for the fifth time one of the most anticipated fighting by the public .

Khabib Nurmagomedov will defend invincibility

This is a long-awaited fight for two special reasons: first, because it will be the fifth time that athletes will try to face each other after the event has not happened due to several injuries on both sides.
And secondly, because Khabib remains undefeated in the UFC with an extraordinary 12-0 balance that has also led the well-known of all Conor McGregor.

Since 2015 these two amazing athletes have been trying to settle accounts and it should be noted that Tony Ferguson was once an interim lightweight champion and is currently in a sequence of 12 consecutive victories that certainly motivate him immensely to try to dethrone Khabib, the kid he trained fighting with bears.

Overall, the Russian’s numbers are even more daunting for the competition with 28 wins and no losses in his entire Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career. Tony Ferguson, who is five years older than the Russian, has an equally extraordinary 25-3 record, however, his 36 years of age could be a problem for ‘El Cucuy’, an American who will have to take advantage of your stature advantage.

Ferguson measures 1.93m while the Russian does not go beyond 1.78m, but if the athletes go to the ground everything should be more difficult for the American who will need to keep the fight standing for as long as possible.

Champion favoritism

No big surprises, Khabib is a favorite to win this fight and retain the UFC lightweight title belt. The Russian fighter also seeks to keep his career record immaculate in the face of one of the most dangerous opponents he could face.
There is some curiosity regarding the North American’s potential resilience and the markets are even pointing out that he has a good chance of resisting at least four rounds, evaluating a bet on Over 3.5 Rounds in the fight at 1.75.

But if you are more focused on Khabib’s new ensaboadela in the competition, then maybe you can consider the opposite betting on Less than 3.5 Rounds to interesting 2.00 according to the bookmakers.

This will then be a fight played in a place still indicating that it will not have much influence on the outcome of the same, since the public will not influence the environment of the fight.

With things initially scheduled for New York, there was an expectation that the home fighter would have that extra enticing, but that is no longer a reality and now it is considered that the event can be transferred to the United Arab Emirates, in an environment totally distinct and without audience.

This would be an event with great international media coverage and this should be maintained, although the absence of an audience is obviously a gap for television broadcasting, which should still have a large audience, especially if we take into account that most other world sports is suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak that has been plaguing the entire planet without major contemplations since the beginning of the calendar year.