VfL Wolfsburg vs. Holstein Kiel Betting Prediction 17-05-2018

Soccer Prediction VfL Wolfsburg vs. Holstein Kiel

Well, the duel between the former zonal vendors and Kiel is a classic David vs. Goliath story: Here is the factory-sponsored by VW with about 100 million per year factory club, there the outsider, who does not even have a Bundesliga possible stadium and already stadium cancellations from Hamburg and because of the rivalry also Rostock einhandelte, now next to the Hamburg Millerntor also Hannover are still a possible alternative destination. Because a dispensation approval do not want to give money from the DFL and thus all 36 clubs in the first and second league. As an example, a quote from Kiel’s sports director Becker mentioned: “In Wolfsburg, a single player earns as much as we do the whole team, but that does not change the fact that we want to rise.”

It has only Kiel this season after decades of third and Viertklassigkeit just made the promotion to league 2 and now writes with the migrating to the religious games to Cologne coach Markus beginning in league 2 a unique success story, but not by chance. For in recent years, there was probably no second division in the relegation, which was playfully similar strong as the Kiel. This is especially the beginning Werk, who cheekily sparred in the last league game against Braunschweig half a dozen regular players and yet sent the Wolfsburg neighbors with an impressive performance despite two debutants in the team with 6: 2 to the Friends of the neighbors from Hannover in league 3. But here are all probably back in the injured Dominik Schmidt, Patrick Herrmann and Dominick Drexler you have to wait, but second division scorer Marvin Ducksch is with all violence.

Wolfsburg, who are developing as Second HSV Regarding the religation participations, won last but against relegated Cologne clearly 4: 1, what the Cologne in H22, however, organized you can settle under the generic term refusal of work and distortion of competition. Already last year Wolfsburg was in the religation, no wonder, it is not a team but 11 I Ags on the field. Although twice won against Braunschweig 1: 0 thanks to a no longer present Gomez, ultimately earned, but Braunschweig has just been a much smaller number than the current Kiel. And so I trust the Schleswig Holsteiner here a lot, in the end it could even work with the rise. Fittingly, there was a fire alarm at the final PK of Labbadia today, this could break out again on Thursday at 22:20 clock.

Prediction of the Day: 2
Odds: 4.72