Which sports have been canceled due to the coronavirus?

Which sports have been canceled due to the coronavirus? What is a world without sport worth?

The sports world is almost standing still these days and weeks. The game operations in the most popular sports around the world such as football, basketball, tennis, handball or ice hockey were almost completely stopped. There are currently only a few sports in which events take place in camera or in front of empty ranks.

For example, the World Chess Championship will be held as scheduled in the coming days. Smaller tournaments in table tennis or in the bowls, which are very popular in England in particular, continue to take place, which, given the β€œshutdown” that occurs in this country, causes astonished eyes.

However, we subsequently dealt with the sports that had to be canceled due to the coronavirus. Most of the time, the question arises whether a season can still be played to the end or whether those responsible have decided early to completely cancel the results. In other cases, there are no qualifications for the Olympic Games, which presents the associations with unforeseen tasks if the sports highlight par excellence actually takes place in Tokyo this summer.

Boring life without king football

Many people in the world are doing the same right now. Life without football is difficult to endure. Be it relaxing sitting in front of the TV, pilgrimage to the stadiums or your own hobby, which you shouldn’t do at the moment either – the coronavirus crisis has caused total disillusionment among numerous football fans.

Professionals and amateurs affected

While all of the top European leagues, with the exception of the Turkish SΓΌperlig and the Russian Premjer League, are ceasing to play, the national associations in Germany have also decided to stop the seasons in the amateur classes, juniors and women, and to To impose lock. When this worst-case scenario ends is still open.

Popular sports that have been canceled

🚫 Soccer (almost all leagues)
🚫 Basketball (both in the USA and in Europe)
🚫 Ice hockey (both in the US and in Europe)
🚫 Handball (HBL etc.)
🚫 Tennis (tournaments are canceled in rows)

The ball also rests in basketball, handball or tennis

In addition to football, there is currently no game operation in many other ball sports. The German Basketball League (BBL) stopped the current season with immediate effect, as did the Handball League (HBL) or the German Volleyball Association (DVV). The ATP and the WTA understandably do not want to take any risks and have canceled their tennis tournaments until further notice. There are many indications that the French Open or Wimbledon 2020 should also be suspended.

Special case motorsport

One could actually assume that people who are wearing protective clothing in their cars are not among the risk groups who have to be afraid of becoming infected with Corona while doing their sport. In fact, it was not sick drivers who, among other things, led to the cancellation of the Formula 1 start, but crew members who work for the teams together with their colleagues every day. If one is infected, entire racing teams are usually affected.

For this reason, it was absolutely understandable that the premier class of motorsport drew the drawing line early and did not allow the first Formula 1 weekend to take place in Melbourne, Australia. The Motorcycle World Championship as well as all rallies and other racing classes will not be seen on the world’s race tracks in the coming weeks.

Another not insignificant reason for the cancellations are trips that are no longer available. For example, Ferrari from Italy should not have entered Vietnam.

What effects does the corona virus have on martial arts?

A UFC event was held in Brazil last weekend. Although there were no fans in the hall, the mixed martial arts enthusiasts were able to follow the evening via live stream. In general, UFC President Dana White announced that the fight would continue if the location was suitable. In any case, the “Apex” UFC training ground in Las Vegas is no longer an option, since the Nevada Sports Commission banned all martial arts events in the state.

The UFC is thus the only professional sports organization in the USA that does not want to stop its ongoing operations. The NBA, the NHL, the MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, PGA, Bellator-MMA and many boxing promoters had previously canceled their events.

The most important canceled sports at a glance

🚫 Soccer
🚫 American football
🚫 Basketball
🚫 Boxes
🚫 Darts
🚫 Ice Hockey
🚫 Futsal
🚫 Golf
🚫 Handball
🚫 Motorsport
🚫 Cycling
🚫 Winter sports
🚫 Tennis
🚫 Gymnastics
🚫 Volleyball

Coronavirus as an opportunity for advancement in e-sports

As macabre as it sounds, there may be a sport around the world that could benefit from the restrictions on public life. We are talking about e-sports. The already growing market or console player is likely to experience further growth at a time when many countries are imposing curfews.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that communication between the individual counterparties takes place almost exclusively via social media channels. On the other hand, it also means that you don’t even have to leave your living room in an emergency. Only the big events in sold out halls will of course not exist in this form either. Nevertheless, after numerous hours of training in the context of the coronavirus crisis, the level of the individual pros could increase sustainably and the product “e-sport” could therefore continue to gain in value.